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Caltronic Scale Inhibitor


Our Quality Services include


  • Bathroom design and installation (summer only)

  • Kitchen plumbing

  • Ball valves

  • Leaking toilets

  • Leaking pipes

  • Install new toilets

  • Install showers

  • Install new booster pumps

  • Fit water softeners

  • Water tank installs, clean and chlorination

  • Changing sanitary ware

  • Install taps and mixer showers

  • Stopcocks

  • Tiling ( summer only)







  • Airlocks

  • Bidets

  • Blocked, sinks pipes & showers

  • Floods

  • Hot cylinder installations

  • Immersion heaters

  • Leaks

  • Overflows

  • Pipework replacement

  • Plumbing installations

  • Radiator & valves

  • Showers & pressure adjustment


You may also be interested in



  • Thermal imaging which identifies hot pipes under floors and in walls.

  • Acoustic microphones which can hear water escaping.

  • Endoscopic cameras which can see into hidden and small spaces.

  • Moisture meters to tell us exactly where the damp is.

  • Consumption tests which measure any ‘unknown’ water usage when all taps and other outlets are turned off.

  • Pressure testing to identify leaking systems.




Water leak detection

We use latest technologies including

CalTronic is a non-intrusive electronic scale inhibitor which works by transmitting variable frequency radio waves through its antennae. These antennae are wrapped around the pipework to create an electrical pulse in the water. This pulse causes the same effect as a magnetic or electrolytic scale inhibitor. A single polarity is induced into the water where the calcium and magnesium (limescale) particles take on the same polarity. This causes the particles to repel each other, and as a result prevents the formation of hard limescale. CalTronic not only prevents further hard limescale build up, but will also break down existing limescale already present in your system and plumbed in appliances. 

The product comes with life time guarantee.



The ALPHA2/3 UMP3/ UPS or UPS2 is a very energy efficient product, that achieves the highest possible energy savings whilst meeting EuP legislative requirements.

The reduction in power consumption has been achieved by using the latest permanent magnet motor technology. Using pressure controlled operation.

The unique AUTOADAPT feature allows the pump to match its performance to 

the system requirements, helping to reduce noise when thermostatic valves are closing down.


Price: £250

Grundfos Alpha2 Domestic Circulation Pump 15/50-60

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) are fitted to radiators and are used to control the temperature within the room. When used properly, they will significantly reduce the energy used by the heating system by limiting the temperatures within each room, and prevent overheating.



Price: Trv £30.00 each

Scalemaster 15mm Magnetic Single Appliance GOLD Scale Inhibitor

ScalemasterM agnetic Limescale Inhibitors prevent limescale build-up by influencing the type (crystal structure) of the limescale precipitated. Laboratory research has shown that the growth of limescale crystals is affected by the application of the magnetic field causing more 'needle-like' aragonite crystals to be formed (which find it harder to stick to heat-exchange surfaces) than the normal calcite (which forms harder surface deposits). Scalemaster Magnetic Limescale Inhibitors are best for individual appliances such as boilers

Price: £70.00

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